North London's Concert Band

About Us

Da Capo Concert Band was formed in November, 1997, for adult musicians in the North London and Hertfordshire area.  Da Capo Concert Band was established with the principal objective of providing amateur adult woodwind, brass, and percussion players with a friendly, dynamic and challenging environment in which to play.  This is where the name of the band derives:  Da Capo - from the beginning.  Fifteen years on, Da Capo Concert Band is still going strong, with members drawn from across London and Hertfordshire.

Da Capo Concert Band performs a varied repertoire for wind band, with famous pieces composed/arranged by the likes of Holst, Vaughan Williams, Gordon Jacob, and Philip Sparke;  many of Warren Barker's sparkling medleys of show-tunes;  popular marches;  jazz and big band pieces;  and themes from film and television.  In addition, Da Capo Concert Band sets itself to explore classic and contemporary symphonic band works with a view to entertaining and challenging its players, and for the audience's delight.

French Horn

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